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    Gain crucial marketing and
    sales insights directly from
    Box’s secure collaboration platform.

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    Get content engagement Analytics.

    Gain critical insight into your
    lead’s interest, buying stage,
    and more...

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    Turn your documents into powerful mobile friendly
    mini-sites in minutes.

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  • Scott Fingerhut | VP of Marketing, Elastic
    “BrightAct helped me create new, relevant content for new segments within an hour”
  • Ash Parikh | Senior Director, Emerging Technologies, Informatica
    “BrightAct provides the ideal platform for showcasing relevant resources such as collateral, demos, customer testimonials, etc., in an elegant and non-salesy way”


BrightAct is the leading content engagement platform that gives marketers unparalleled insights into their content’s effectiveness and customer’s engagement with it – well beyond page views and clicks. BrightAct provides a deeper understanding into viewers’ interaction with documents, presentations, videos, and more.

Using BrightAct’s 360 degree view of content effectiveness and usage, marketers can improve lead qualification, conversion, funnel velocity, campaign results, and more.

BrightAct's content engagement analytics help companies identify the content that works best, and leverage it to create new materials that have the most impact (mini-sites, marketing packages, etc.)