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Whenever I need outside help with UX design and development, I reach out to Etay.

His skill set is unique, not only he is a fantastic UX Architect and developer, but he also has experience as a startup founder, so he knows how to help UX teams achieve what really matters for a business.

I highly trust Etay and his BrightAct team. I worked closely with Etay at SAP and have partnered with him and his team on several design and development projects at Varian Medical Systems and Illumina.


They never disappoint. Outstanding quality of work and highly efficient at meeting project timelines with available resources and budget. I highly recommend BrightAct for UX design and development services. They will continue to be my go-to design and development firm.

Global User Experience Leader
Illumina and Varian Medical Systems
Nahida Lebbos
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Etay is a hands-on executive caliber that supported me and my team to define and plan new UX methodologies. He played a key role in the transition of Guidewire to its next-generation cloud platform.


I initially hired Etay to evaluate our UX practices and architecture. After identifying the gaps and needs, Etay helped us to execute the transition to our next-generation cloud platform. while performing multi-disciplinary roles (product, UX, development). Etay led the UX team (25+ designers, distributed in many locations), worked closely with the development teams and the CTO to develop the design system, productize and scale it to meet the needs of our different product lines. Etay also tapped into his network and helped us with key hires, including the head of UX (which replaced him) and senior design managers.


I highly recommend working with Etay. You can entrust him with your most challenging and impactful tasks.

SVP, Global Head of Product & Engineering, Guidewire
Diego Devalle
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The BrightAct team has been an outstanding business partner for MuleSoft. They helped MuleSoft accelerate the frontend development across many areas of the MuleSoft platform. In addition to providing talent, the BrightAct team provided much-needed expertise in the React Javascript framework, even helping to upskill MuleSoft developers on frontend technologies.  BrightAct was instrumental in a central effort to bring different parts of the MuleSoft platform onto a common set of React-based UI components and framework, allowing MuleSoft to innovate at scale. Throughout the engagement, Etay ensured consistent communication and coordinated execution between the distributed MuleSoft teams and his remote team. A true partner, Etay was flexible and creative around staffing and budgeting, providing valuable guidance on how best to leverage his team.

Vice President of Engineering, MuleSoft
Soren Harner
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Etay helped the executive team to turn high-level, whiteboard ideas into interactive prototypes, which we used as part of our fundraising efforts and product development. Etay's ability to distill key value to the user, create a great experience, and quick turnaround of prototypes made the process very helpful for us.

CEO and Co-Founder at
Amit Bendov
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Etay and his team at BrightAct transformed Earn from a direct service nonprofit to a leading fintech in a rapid period of time, allowing us to reach tens of thousands of financially insecure Americans in less than a year. I can’t speak highly enough of the impact they have had on our organization. In all honesty, I wasn’t sure what we wanted to do could be done until we started to work with BrightAct. Now I see so many opportunities for our organization and our clients.  Etay works extremely hard to understand what we are trying to achieve for our clients and has delivered well beyond our expectations. His advice and support to me are invaluable as we set out to build products and services that will transform the lives of those struggling to succeed financially. We consider Etay and BrightAct to be a part of our team and I feel incredibly lucky to be working alongside such dedicated and passionate individuals.

Chief Executive Officer, EARN.ORG
Leigh Phillips
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Etay is an amazing UX designer. His methodology quickly focuses the product design on the user, value proposition and providing value to the user at all stages of the user experience. He is very quick, very creative, and delivers results.”

CEO, SleepRate
Uli Gal-Oz
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Etay helped us envision, explore, design and prototype the next generation versions of our Vcage product. He helped us visualize the value to our users through a simple, but powerful, mobile friendly user-interface. We benefited a lot from his ability to transfer a high-level concept into a tangible design and prototype. 

CEO, PrivateCore (Acquired by Facebook)
Oded Horovitz
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After so many years in the industry, I feel comfortable saying - it’s rare that one comes across a standout talent like Etay.

I hired Etay to join my team and lead the UX and SW activities, as part of a complex project. In that role, Etay successfully managed several scattered teams, both within SanDisk and subcontractors. Using his natural and peaceful attitude, Etay expanded his influence and positive impact on HW and marketing/branding aspects. I was always amazed by Etay’s ability to conclude complicated meetings and brainstorming sessions which seem unsolvable and bring everyone to the same page ready to move forward with the implementation.
I’m sure Etay would be an essential asset to any project or activity he leads as his contribution and impact are a true asset for top management.

Project lead and Strategic Business Development at SanDisk (Acquired by Western Digital)
Yaron Bar
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At Model N, he has delivered beyond expectations on the projects he worked on. He helped with creating a solid information architecture for a complex application that we will be rolling out to the market at the end of the year.

This application not only needs to be interactive, it is also intended to provide users with a flexible tool to create complex strategies. Etay not only came up to speed on the application functionality and vision, he also provided new and creative ideas to architect the user interface of the application in ways that will set a new design standard for our products.


He worked extremely well with our product management and engineering teams, adapting to our development process. He was instrumental in conducting in-depth user feedback sessions both internally and externally while delivering quick prototypes in order to visualize the concepts being discussed.


During his tenure at Model N, Etay also helped improve the current user interface paradigms for other application areas from minor cleanup work to introducing additional concepts to our overall user interface paradigm.


He is extremely easy to work with, flexible to adapt to our organization's needs from the process and people perspective while delivering results beyond expectations and on time on budget. 

Co-founder & Vice President of Analytics, Model-N
Ali Tore
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