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We've had the opportunity to work with amazing teams.
Check out the testimonials section for additional insights into these projects.


As the most widely used API integration platform, Mulesoft was growing so fast some of its product, UX, and dev teams were overwhelmed and under-resourced. We stepped it at almost every level: facilitating product strategy, defining users, designing the UX for key applications, and building out UI components and framework.

In addition, BrightAct help developed new products (to be announced in 2018 as part of the AnyPoint platform) where we closed gaps from product strategy all the way through production.


We also contributed to user-conference events with demos, prototypes, and storytelling. See CPO Mark Doe's presentation and demo at Connect17 and CTO Uri Sarid's keynote, where we helped with on the software and hardware demo development.

Mulesoft was acquired by Salesforce in 2018.


EARN is a non-profit organization, helping low-income families to develop financial stability via saving. See and


BrightAct partnered with EARN at the time of the organization was trying to transform from a local-service nonprofit to a technology-driven with a national impact.


We redesigned and built a new online FinTech platform that enabled the organization to offer financial empowering programs to its members. It included designing, developing and operating a secure financial tracking and research system, leveraging financial-aggregators and cutting-edge analytics and data-driven tools.


Gong helps B2B sales teams close more deals by using conversation intelligence technology.


Worked with the CEO and the executive team to define, design and prototype long-term product strategies. Turned whiteboard ideas into interactive prototypes and helped the team to explore, evaluate and prioritize the product roadmap.


SanDisk is a manufacturer of flash memory products, including memory cards and readers, USB flash drives, and solid-state drives.


We helped te SanDisk’s incubator on an exciting project that leveraged their technology in a new context. The goal was to create a wearable camera that would help capture life moments. 
We were hired to oversee the work of a team of software designers, software developers, electrical engineers, Industrial designer, and hardware manufacturer.


A leading cloud-based Revenue Management Software company.


At Model-N we provided design, storytelling, ideation,  prototyping and development services to support the team needs and to help exploring new opportunities. At the time the team lacked resources and we help to close these gaps. At the end of the projects, we help with recruiting and handing over the project to internal teams.


SleepRate is a revolutionary sleep monitoring app, which combines reliable and accurate sleep tracking, evaluation & individually tailored e-coaching, all into a single user-friendly mobile application.


At SleepRate we worked on reimagining the experience of sleep tracking and emphasizing the value to the user. We developed interactive prototypes that enable the team to evaluate and make decisions as part of the product development.


PrivateCore developed software to secure server data through server attestation and memory encryption. Acquired by Facebook.


We helped the executive team to visualize their vision and showcase the value of their solution to end users, by designing and building interactive, mobile prototypes.

PrivateCore was acquired by FaceBook in 2014.


Additional companies and projects we worked with:

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