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With the user experience at its heart, BrightAct closes gaps between product strategy and production.

We have honed our practice for a couple decades, and as a result we know how to deliver solutions very quickly. Most businesses require something to show right away, so strategizing, inventing, and producing happen simultaneously.

We need some background here.... 

Etay Gafni

CEO & Head of Products

Etay leads the UX, PM and custom development services. He is passionate about leading development teams to create user-centric and innovative products that delight customers. Etay loves to work on product strategy, product development, and user experience.

David Delp

Creative Director

David is a seasoned UX director, video director, and illustrator, and on larger projects he builds and manages creative teams. His favorite pastime is detangling complex ideas, simplifying the parts, and delivering insights, ideas, and tools users love.

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