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We help teams close gaps in ...


Testable scenarios

Accurate personas

Beautiful visuals

Extendable architecture

Additional designers


How will you meet your users' needs?

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Strong PMs

Tech expertise

Flexible resource pool

DevOps team

Project management


What do you need to make sure your software does the job?


QA automation

24/7 NetOps team

Continuous delivery (CD)

Maintenance team
Leveraged digital marketing


How are you going to scale and maintain your product?




Fast prototypes

Roadmap to production

Product STrategy

What does your idea need to be ready for design?

Selected projects


As the most widely used API integration platform, Mulesoft was growing so fast some of its product, UX, and dev teams were overwhelmed and under-resourced. We stepped it at almost every level: facilitating product strategy, defining users, designing the UX for key applications, and building out UI components and framework.

Salesforce acquired Mulesoft in 2018.

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The BrightAct team has been an outstanding business partner for MuleSoft. They helped us accelerate the frontend development across many areas of the MuleSoft platform.

Soren Harner,

Vice President of Engineering

Management Team

Etay Gafni

CEO & Head of Products

Etay leads the UX, PM and custom development services. He is passionate about leading development teams to create user-centric and innovative products that delight customers. Etay loves to work on product strategy, product development, and user experience.

David Delp

Creative Director

David is a seasoned UX director, video director, and illustrator, and on larger projects he builds and manages creative teams. His favorite pastime is detangling complex ideas, simplifying the parts, and delivering insights, ideas, and tools users love.

What our clients are saying about us

The BrightAct team has been an outstanding business partner for MuleSoft. They helped MuleSoft accelerate the frontend development across many areas of the MuleSoft platform.

A true partner, Etay was flexible and creative around staffing and budgeting, providing valuable guidance on how best to leverage his team."

Vice President of Engineering, MuleSoft

Soren Harner

Etay helped the executive team to turn high-level, whiteboard ideas into interactive prototypes, which we used as part of our fundraising efforts and product development. Etay's ability to distill key value to the user, create a great experience, and quick turnaround of prototypes made the process very helpful for us.

CEO and Co-Founder,

Amit Bendov

Etay is an amazing UX designer. His methodology quickly focuses the product design on the user, value proposition and providing value to the user at all stages of the user experience. He is very quick, very creative, and delivers results.”

CEO, SleepRate

Uli Gal-Oz

Etay and his team at BrightAct transformed Earn from a direct service nonprofit to a leading fintech in a rapid period of time, allowing us to reach tens of thousands of financially insecure Americans in less than a year. I can’t speak highly enough of the impact they have had on our organization

Chief Executive Officer, EARN.ORG

Leigh Phillips

Etay not only came up to speed on the application functionality and vision, he also provided new and creative ideas to architect the user interface of the application in ways that will set a new design standard for our products

Co-founder & Vice President of Analytics, Model-N

Ali Tore
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