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The most widely used API integration platform, Mulesoft was growing so fast some of its product, UX, and dev teams were overwhelmed and under-resourced. We stepped it at almost every level: facilitating product strategy, defining users, designing the UX for key applications, and building out UI components and framework. Mulesoft was acquired by Salesforce in 2018.


“The BrightAct team has been an outstanding business partner for MuleSoft. They helped MuleSoft accelerate the frontend development across many areas of the MuleSoft platform. In addition to providing talent, the BrightAct team provide much-needed expertise in the React Javascript framework, even helping to upskill MuleSoft developers on frontend technologies.  BrightAct was instrumental to a central effort to bring different parts of the MuleSoft platform onto a common set of React-based UI components and framework, allowing MuleSoft to innovate at scale. Throughout the engagement, Etay ensured consistent communication and coordinated execution between the distributed MuleSoft teams and his remote team. A true partner, Etay was flexible and creative around staffing and budgeting, providing valuable guidance on how best to leverage his team.”

-- Soren Harner
Vice President of Engineering, MuleSoft




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